The winners...

2020 gcbc scholarship recipients

Harry E. Taylor Scholarship winners are Bro. Michael Morgan, Sis. Maurine Mosby, Sis. Malka Churchill, and Sis. Khatrice Murrell.


Velma Booth Scholarship winners are Bro. Michael Morgan and Sis. MaKayla Paul.


Janet Howard Rays of Hope Book Scholarship winners are Sis. Maurine Mosby, Sis. Malka Churchill, and Sis. Khatrice Murrell.


Catherine T. Wiley Memorial Scholarship winner is Sis. Shauntrice Daniel.


Will E. Seay, Sr. Memorial Book Scholarship winner is Sis. Natalie Dixon.


Darnell W. Clay, Sr. Scholarship winners are Sis. Dorrie Hoffman and Bro. Regis Wilson.


GCBC Book Award winners are Sis. Faith Brown and Bro. Richard Wilson.

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