Our History

The history of Green Castle Baptist Church began in March 1869, along the banks of the Ohio River, twelve miles east of Louisville, Kentucky, in an old cabin occupied by Brother Ben Parker.  For a number of years, Brother Parker, D. Minor and Jeff Jacobs conducted prayer meetings there. As a result of these meetings, Rev. John Buckner started an old fashioned revival. The revival lasted four weeks.

In that same year, on the second Sunday in June in the locust grove along the banks of the Ohio River, Rev. Buckner preached and baptized 47 converts.  Then on the third Sunday in July, 1869, while still in the locust grove, Rev. Buckner called the band of 47 together and after preaching 'Upon This Rock, I Build My Church," he organized the Green Castle Baptist Church. The church was named "Green" after the green grass of the locust grove and "Castle" in honor of Sister Castle Parker, the mother of Brother Ben Parker.

Names such as Rev. John Wihite and Sis. Diana Brookins stand out in the history as being persons instrumental in the construction of Green Castle's first house of worship.  For the majority of its history, Green Castle's house of worship was located at 7611 Rose Island Road in Prospect, Kentucky.  Memories of that facility are very vivid in the minds of many current members, including the various renovations that occurred, the startup of many ministry offerings, and the various pastors.

In April 1982, Rev. James R. Pitts, accepted the call to pastor Green Castle. Under his leadership, church membership grew quickly and so did ministry efforts. It also became clear that the current facility, after many renovations, was becoming overcrowded and limited the ministry efforts of the church. In 1996, the church approved a strategic plan to prepare for its expanding membership and spiritual growth to prepare for the move into the 21st century. The major directive of the plan was the need to expand facilities. In October 2002, after many attempts to expand at its current site, church membership voted to relocate to Murphy Lane in northeast Louisville, KY. It was in the fall of 2005, after a successful capital stewardship plan, that the church began construction of a new physical facility on an 18 acre plot of land it had purchased. In March 2007, with Rev. Pitts leading the congregational march, Green Castle Baptist, “The Church Under The Cross”, relocated and held its first worship service in its new facility.   

In 2019, we celebrated our 150th church anniversary and we are thankful to God that we are still around to serve our community.

In April 2022, Pastor Pitts ordained three associate ministers, Reverend Angela Overton, Reverend Derek Mills, and Reverend David Lacey.


After 40 years of service at Green Castle as the Good Lord’s under shepherd, Reverend James R. Pitts retired in May 2022. During his tenure and leadership the church has been truly blessed abundantly. Souls were saved, membership grew, ministries grew, and the relocation to a larger worshiping facility. As we continue to receive blessings and we continue GOD’s work, we say “ Thank You Pastor Pitts and Sis. Sylvia” for following the leadership, guidance, and directions of Our Lord and Savior.


In July 2022, the Reverend Dr. Victor Vinson served as Interim Pastor.  In January 2024, the Lord called the Reverend Darien A. Waite as the Senior Pastor, the Reverend Chelsea D. Waite as the First Lady, and Briella D. Waite as the first daughter of Green Castle Baptist Church. To God be all the Glory for the things that God has done and continues to do!

Green Castle Baptist Church

"The Church Under the Cross"